Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dog Training - Dog Bathing

Dog bathing is a must when living with a dog. Dogs naturally get smelly and are not like cats in being able to wash themselves well and be hygienic, this is why dog owners have to look after their dogs hygiene for them once in a while.

Dog bathing should take place when your dog starts to smell or is very dirty, some breeds of dog find it very hard to keep smelling pretty as you will quickly come to notice. Running around every day rubbing yourself up against trees, bushes, benches and rolling around on grass or getting drenched head to paws in rivers or puddles are all common occurrences in a dogs life and all contribute to dog smelliness.

It is important to make sure you brush your dogs coat and fur through before every bathing session to remove all bits of debris that may have got caught up in your dog’s fur since their last bath along with tangles or matted hair that may have formed. If you ignore this step any tangles and matted hair will get worse after bathing and make it an impossible task to rid of them.

You will need to use special pet shampoo and conditioner to clean your dog; human shampoo uses a different ph level and can be bad for your dog’s skin. Starting off by letting your dog get used to running water, warm water should be used to wash your dog, it is best to use a jug or container to gently pour water on your dog. Be sure not to put water directly on your dogs face to be sure not to frighten them off or scare them.

When your dog is wet, keep reassuring them and rewarding them if the behaviour is good to get the message across that bathing is not a bad thing. Rub the shampoo and conditioner onto your dog gently and being sure to do a proper job of getting all the smells and everything else out.

To finish off, rinse all the soapy water and shampoo of your dog and dry your dog in the same way you would yourself or if your dog has easily matted hair use patting only to dry your dog, when this is all done reward your dog with praise and rewards for being cooperative with you.

Dog bathing is part of having a pet. Dogs need special hygienic care, they need to be washed by their owners. Dog bathing is regularly required - some dog breeds unfortunately do not
smell pretty well in origin.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Orthopedic Dog Beds for Dog Injuries

When our beloved pet gets injured, our responsibility as an owner is to find a good veterinary help for it. Same like human hospitals, the veterinary clinics also offer specialized dog beds that are also called orthopedic dog beds.

Those beds are used when the pets are injured and need to rest for a longer time. They have been designed with the only purpose to support the dog body and to assure it comfort and good recovery.

If your dog needs a prolonged care you could bye such an orthopedic dog bed even for home. Such beds are to be found in the shops and there is even a great variety of them – different colors and sizes, designer orthopedic dog beds, there are large and extra large, heated, wooden, the list can go on ……

Very well known are The Secure Snuggler ® by Cashmere Co – Cashmere dog bed with memory foam for example is one of their products.

So if your dog survives an accident and gets injured or suffers from a disease and needs a special care, give him this ergonomic and orthopedic support that the orthopedic dog bed offers, in combination with your gentle care and love – for a quickly and successful recovery.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dog Beds - Waterproof Dog Beds

From all the different styles of dog beds that are on the market, you’d better choose the waterproof dog bed. It will not only provide comfort to your dog but will also make it easier for you to keep it clean and dry. By the bigger dog breeds the waterproof bed helps to keep bed dry without absorbing water from dogs coat.

But not only for the larger dogs – also for puppies you’d better make the wiser choice by buying a waterproof bed. You know when they are still young they can often have accidents in bed. The waterproof dog bed will not absorb the urine and will keep any liquids and wet away. This is also the way to eliminate the risk for the bed to get into favorite place for your dog to urinate. Dogs like to mark their territory, relying on their sense of smell, so the waterproof bed is a good prevention.

Waterproof dog beds are to be found in different sizes and colors. When you go to bye one for your dog, you should think about the size of your pet when he grows up. Because the one that can fit for your puppy now may be too small when he is an adult. So don’t rush to bye a puppy bed that you won’t be able to use in a year any more.

Another advantage of the waterproof bed is that it is really easy to clean. It repels the liquids and wet and does not carry smell and mold. So you can easy keep it clean and dry that makes it more hygienic as the regular beds and has a positive reflection onto your dogs health.

Dog beds are to be ordered online. You can find a great variety in the online stores, you can find perfect products on good prices, make a good choice between different styles, colors, brands and sizes.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dogs In Bed

Many people sleep together with their dogs on one and the same bed but is this is a good thing or not? And where is the proper place for your dog to sleep?

It is different. Some people think that a dog’s place for sleeping is outside. Others accept the dog as a member of the family. If you don’t want your dog to become a nuisance barker at night then the dog should sleep inside The dog can protect you if there is an intruder. A small puppy bonds with you if it sleeps close to you. However, you must teach your dog a few ground rules and house manners, it should get used to be confined to basket or a mat and to know that it is forbidden to run riot at night.

A new dog will soon understand where the pack leader sleeps so it will know the most important place in pack’s territory. It will be able to choose the most comfortable spot where to rest and lie down, this could be maybe the couch. The dog will also know where the food is kept and what has to be done to get it.
It is not a problem to allow your dog to occupy the furniture. The problem is if you can not ask your dog to get off. And that is so called” leadership problem”.

You should teach your dog to lie down at your feet on a mat just to get the idea of its status in the pack. This way you control the rules inside the house.

If your dog is taught to sleep on the floor in the bedroom, it is content to be part of the pack and it realizes its lower level than yours as a leader. Then on the later stage, you can allow your dog up on the bed to understand that this is a privilege and dominance will not be an issue. If you do not want your dog to share your bed and to be so close to you, there are other alternatives in a home like the laundry or the family room.

If your dog becomes bossy and he starts guarding its favourite spots, you should ask an expert help. It happens sometimes when you have been sick a long time in bed and your dog has been all the time in the room with you or on the bed, it may become over-protective .It often happens when dogs would not allow other people to enter the bedroom which belongs to its owner.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why you need dog accessories

It can be funny to have a dog and the process of buying all the necessary dog accessories can be funny too. It is also very important to know which dog accessories are practical and attractive. There are plenty different dog accessories from dog beds to dog collars. Here you will find some tips which can help you in choosing and buying process.
It is a good idea to consult experts who are aware of the canine world. If the expert is with you when you shop dog accessories it will be very helpful. Also you can ask for advice the staff in the big specialized stores because people who work there are very knowledgeable and can help you in finding the right dog accessories for you.

When you have a dog the the first thing you have to do is to get your dog licensed which will protect your neighbors and your dog of being lost or hurt. The best place to keep the license is on a dog collar. Dog collars should fit properly to the dog, they should not be too lose or too tight. The space between the dog collar and the dogs neck should be approximately two fingers wide.
Together with the law about dog licenses there is a leash law in some cities. That way the government tries to protect people and dogs. Every time when you are out with your dog, you should use a leash. But it should not be used as a punishment to discipline your dog. Dogs kept on leashes for a long period could become neurotic and there is a risk of accidental strangulation.Use the leash as a lead when you take your dog to the park or go for a walk.

There is a muzzle law when you are with your dog on a public place in some cities. The same as the leash do not use the muzzle to punish or discipline your dog. The muzzle should fit properly your dog and you should learn how to fix it to the dog well.
Other necessary accessories for your dog are dog beds, dog water and food bowls. Dog toys are also very important for the dog if you do not want your dog to play with your shoes. Dogs want to be entertained as humans, they can get bored quickly. Outdoor dogs need dog houses to have their own „den” to be protected. There are different styles of dog houses, some are like mansions, and others are insolated.
You should accept your dog as a lifelong companion so you should treat him with respect. Thus you will earn his respect. Give him some training from 3 months age and a lot of love.

Information you need about Dog Handbags

Do you know the the most popular accessory nowadays. No, do not think about a cell phone or a strand of pearls.The most popular accessory today is a small dog. We often see celebrities or even our neighbors with a small dog on the arm.And that is because you could take your dog any place you go in a dog handbag.

There are different styles of dog handbags for every occasion. They can be made from leather or plastic and they are very convenient to transport your dog with you. You will look great and also your dog will feel comfortably there.
Dog handbags are very functional .In the car they will keep you dog safety in one place.There are also some portable water bottles which you will need when you travel with your dog.

Your dog should be get used to its handbag, so introduce it to your dog in advance before your trip. If the dog has spent some time in it , he will not be afraid of it. Dog handbags are the best for those dogs which are afraid of sights and sounds.

Some tips when you travel:

1.When you are going to travel by car do not put your dog in the back and do not allow him hang his head out of the window.Keep windows closed and use air conditioning.

2.Byu a suitable carrier for your dog which allows him to turn around , stand up or lay down in it. The carrier will keep your dog safety from any injuries in the car.

3.Bring some treats for your dog with you as the trip should be associated with pleasure and good feelings.

4.Be sure that your dog can travel and if you are not sure, consult a vet about it. Old or too young dogs, those who have been ill recently will be better being at home with a loving pet sitter than to travel with you.

Some tips when you travel with your dog

No matter if they travel with their dogs across town or around the world , all pet owners want to have safe and fun trip. Here you can find some tips how to make your trip more enjoyable and easier.
First you should be sure that the place you are going to visit is pet-friendly. Check if the hotel where you are going to stay, allows pets in the rooms. Some of the hotels have their own rules- for example, they allow dogs in the rooms if they are in crates or they may need a pet deposit , which you may get back at the end of the stay, but be ready with extra money .
Before you leave, the first thing you should do is to take your dog to the vet to check him whether he or she is in good physical health. Also check the area you are going to, be prepared with your dog’s favorite food , do not forget to take water bowls with you. If your dog needs any medications, refill them. Your dog should be on the same diet as usual.
Be prepared with hair brushes or pet hair roller and plastic bags to clean up after your dog when taking him out.
Do not forget all thing that your dog needs like nail clippers, a comb , the Collar ,pet shampoo and leash , take even one extra just in case if you going to a remote place where you can’t buy another if it breaks.
Bring a list with you consisting tattoo numbers, the license numbers, vaccination records,microchip numbers and other documents of your dog . Check what vaccinations you dog should have or whether there are special requirements if you are going abroad.